How Kids can Make Money on the Internet


Many kids want to earn money badly, especially during the summer when they aren’t given an allowance by their parents. The good news is, now that kids know how to use computers and access the internet, there are now money-making opportunities that they can try. So if you are a kid who’s looking for a way to earn money online, here are some jobs which you can consider.

  • Participate in Online Surveys. There are many survey providers out there that are now allowing kids to join. By simply answering surveys regarding video games, toys, clothes, school items, hobbies and other things associated with their age, they get to earn some money.
  • Sell Your Skills. If there are things you are really good at like cross-stitching, gardening, making projects, you can sell those skills of yours to your family and friends. If none of your hobbies are working out, then discreetly observe what your family and friends need and interested in. If you can do it, then go for it.
  • Host a Raffle. If you have a lot of old toys and stuff lying around, you can host a raffle. Make your own tickets and then sell them for a dollar. You can use your old toys and items as prizes.
  • Babysit. If you are responsible enough to handle young children and love playing with them, you can offer to be a babysitter in exchange for a few dollars for your neighbors.
  • Pet sit. If your neighbors are going away and can’t bring their pets, offer to pet sit them.
  • Dog walker. Many individuals who work scarcely have time to walk their dogs. You can offer to walk their dogs a few hours every day or even twice a week at a reasonable price.
  • Ask Around. Walk around your neighborhood and ask your neighbors if there are certain tasks that they might want you to do. They might ask you to rake the leaves, clean the pool, water the plants, shovel the snow, etc.
  • Help Elderly Neighbors. There are many elderly people that could really use the extra help. You can tell them that you can go to the store for them if ever they need something or you can help in cleaning their garden in exchange for a few dollars.
  • Teach. If you excel at a certain subject or sports, offer to teach other people.
  • Car wash. Every weekend, ask your parents if they want you to wash their car. You can even ask your neighbors if they do too.
  • Caddying. If there is a nearby country club at your house, inquire if you can be a caddy.
  • Sell. If you know how to bake, you can sell your goodies to your neighbors. You can simply set up a small table outside your house or walk around the neighborhood to sell them.
  • Type. If you type fast, you can charge your older siblings or other kids at school to type their school papers for them.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, anyone can make extra money. You just need to leverage what you are good at and use your imagination.


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