About The Profit Directory

The Profit Directory is simply a directory of programs that help you make money online starting your very own home business. Please be sure to understand that work from home opportunities are much different from work from home jobs/employment. Since we are here to help you succeed in your online business we’re going to tell you the difference in the two:

Work From Home Employment: Work from home employment is when a Company is offering work from home positions of employment. The Person could be considered an Employee or an Independent Contractor providing your services to the Company, You will be either given a schedule or you will be able to decide your work schedule and be paid on a per hour bases or on a commission bases.

Work At Home Opportunities: Work at home opportunities are when an individual is given the OPPORTUNITY to start a business from home, either through affiliate marketing, Sales, blogging etc. Most successful work at home opportunities require an investment of some kind that can range from $9 – 200+ ( See get the lowest investment price for the work at home opportunity you choose page to see how to get the lowest investment price). These opportunities also require a great deal of promotions that result in traffic to your business/website ,  just as any successful online or off line business does.

Before you move forward with the provided programs and jobs made available to you in the Profit Directory. We want you to be sure that they are the right programs for you. Be sure to click through the sites and read the information given. If they provide videos. WATCH them they are providing vital information to you about what you will be doing or what the program can do for you , if you’ve all ready started your online business/work at home business. You can find the Profit Directory in the side menu to the right. The links are placed in Categories they are as follows:

  • E-Business & Marketing
  • Computer Software
  • Health & Fitness
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Forex & Investing
  • Adult industry jobs

These categories will be in BOLD and are the Main categories. Each of these category may have several subcategories that the individual link may be placed in. You will see this subcategory in a text under the link. You will also see a number, This number is the Programs or jobs rating from us. This number can be from 1-10 of course 10 being the highest rating possible ( EXCELLENT)  and 1 being the lowest (PROCEED WITH CATION) . Of course we always want yo hear from other that have tried the program or job so feel free to comment and let us know what you think about the job or program.


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